about love-la.in

love-la.in is a (very) small project largely inspired by wildla.in and lain.la.
please check them both out!

I had an HP ProLiant server collecting dust for a while and I was finally inspired to use it after stumbling across the s.wildla.in URL shortener and being too stupid to figure out how to get it working in ShareX.

This site will likely be expanded to some degree in the near future, and I'm currently working out plans for new services to host here. However, the love-la.in URL shortener will remain free and operational for as long as I can support it. Please note that I cannot guarantee 100% uptime, but I do my best to make sure the server is running and up to date while keeping downtime to a minimum.

More details will come soon about the future plans for this site. For now, any official updates will be posted on this page.

Current server uptime: 7 weeks, 1 day, 7 minutes